Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lucas Theater - Thurs. 2:30

Letter from Jim Darby:

You may know that every year I attend as many of the SCAD Film Festival showings as I can. This morning I saw a truly great environmental documentary named "So Right, So Smart." The SCAD program describes it as "As environmental awareness increases in customers, business leaders like Ray Anderson are learning that sustainability is an ethical imperative for the future; in the process, they're finding that money just might grow on trees."

The SCAD description doen't do the movie justice. Ray Anderson ran a carpet square company and had an environmental epithany that he could do the right thing and still make money. He did and is spreading the word throughout the business world. This is the company that laid a pipeline from the land fill to their factory in La Grange to capture and use the methane gas. Every environmentalist in Georgia paticularly should know about this guy.

Most environmental documentaries start off telling you how the bad guys are polluting, nobody is stopping them and you leave the theater depressed. With this one I left the theater feeling good.

I spoke to the director in the lobby. The movie will be shown again at the Lucas on Thursday at 2:30. I encourage you to come see it. If you have somethng else planned, reschedule or cancel it. Take a few hours off work. You will not regret it. I'd love for our environmental community to be able to see this at perhaps our only opportunity.


Jim Darby

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