Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tiderace Kayaks and News

Paddling his shiney new Xcite, Paul Kuthe makes the Tiderace website.
We are glad to see the Tiderace website continues to be maintained and updated as does the Tiderace U.S Team Paddlers Rostrum.
As well as the young and the old with Paul K and Dale W (he's gonna kill me for that), it looks like we will be getting the 'good' in the shape of Sheri P and Turner W.
After paddling the Xplore S, Turner commented..
"It's the best kayak I have ever paddled that I did not make myself."
Not sure what that means exactly, but knowing Turner, it's probably very good.
And with his 'Moses Style' appearance he could take over the 'old' title from Dale.

So, two spots open for 'bad' and 'ugly'.
We would strongly push for Lil Nick Scovill, the winner of the Surf Jam - Sea Kayak division. He is ripping in just about anything in the surf zone these days. But alas, he is neither bad or ugly, but he is young and could maybe push Paul into the 'bad' category.
Suggestions on a postcard for the 'Ugly' Tiderace team member. Must be hot as well as ugly. Photo proof required.

Dave White above showing some secret love for Tiderace.
New Tiderace models will be arriving at Savannah Canoe and Kayak in about two weeks time.
Tiderace Classic Xcite and Xcite'S make great presents at $3650, and the Xplore, Xplore'S and Xplore X at a mere $3700.
If you need anything else from NYC for Christmas drop it on a postcard.

Other News....
Talking of updated websites, we still wait with baited breath for the re-vamped Valley website. 'Any day now'... two weeks later and counting.
Are we finally going to get the specs for the Valley Storm ?
Will this be the kick in the P&H pants to get them to maintain and update their website also ?
The Brits do hold themselves to a high standard, but they sure are slow on the uptake. One things for sure..It's all good for the customer.

Lendal Paddles was recently acquired from Johnnson OD by Nigel Dennis.
We could not get any answers from Nige about his plans for the company, but we think it's a positive move for the flailing Scottish classic.

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