Friday, November 20, 2009

News From My Home Town

Europe's first artificial surf reef is days away from completion, tourism chiefs in Dorset have confirmed. It is due to be the jewel in the crown of a multi-million pound project to rebrand a less than glamorous part of the Dorset coast.
The reef, off Boscombe, in Bournemouth, will aim to improve surf conditions in a project which cost £3m - nearly double the original price.
The reef is part of an £11m ongoing regeneration of Boscombe's seafront.
The council hopes the regeneration will boost the economy by £3m a year and that the underwater construction will attract up to 10,000 surfers.
The reef has been built with 55 sand-filled "geotextile bags", which will cover an area the size of a football pitch underwater.
It will be one of a number of similar artificial reefs of its type worldwide, including developments in Narrowneck, Queensland, Western Australia and Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

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keith wikle said...


this is the best news I've heard in a while. We need more science and engineering like this, and less improvements to bombs, bullets, and the internal combustion engine!