Monday, November 23, 2009

New Mega Boosts Here Soon.

The latest offering form Mega Surf Kayaks International will be arriving at SC&K in January and Man, do they LOOK HOT!.

The Boost is essentially the updated version of the very successful RV, but combines design characteristics of several other mega kayaks, particularly the Mega Merlin. The Boost will only be available in S lite and Xtec layups, both of which will be available at Savannah Canoe.
"We loved the Merlin for how quickly it released in the tail atop the wave, and bottomed turned on the rail back up the wave. It looked so gosh, darn crazy with all that nose rocker. Absolutely punk ! A first class, dynamic, steep wave ripper. " said SC&K test pilot Flight Commander Johnny 'Ginger' Bigglesworth.
So, basically what we will have from the Boost will be the excellent paddle out ability and very fast down the line speed of the RV combined with the very responsive tail movements similar to the Reflex and Merlin.
Here's a quick first impression from Glyn Brackenbury.
I recently got one for my fourteen year old son, he's mumbled some teenage words which I didn't understand but the general jist was that it's brilliant. . It's got a lower cockpit profile so you can really crank over into a turn without dragging your knee in the wave face. If it's the right size for you it's a really great boat.
Of course, there is way more to it that, so you had better sign up for one of our demo sessions in Tybee and Florida this winter.
Dates and locations to be announced soon.
Boats are avialable to reserve now for delivery in January.
$2250 for S lite. Red and White. And All Black.
$2550 Xtec - No Gel Coat.

7'6" X 24.5"

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