Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 News Round-Up.

The next big thing?...well maybe.
If I was still Program Director at Summer Camp I would be all over this 'sectional' kayak thing. This modular kayak was, once again, designed by someone with no kayaking background whatsoever. Some of the design criteria was that the kayak must be easy to store and fit in an elevator! ...Apparently lots of people who live in inner city high rise apartments are into kayaking, or at least want the 'right' to be.
The sections can be easily snapped together to make any length, or paddled individually. Group management just got a whole lot easier...what a blast!
Made by Fluid and Point 65 we think these 'units' will be their best sellers yet.

Food for thought.
The opposite of a 'sectional' is a one piece.
Question: When a Greenland paddler switches to a Euro paddle are they still using a one piece?
Answer: Yes, I am.
Whitewater paddlers and Greenland paddlers alike know the benefits of having a solid shaft between their blades and the total connectivity of use and user.
Another Question: Was the take-a-part paddle designed by a non-paddler with the criteria that it must fit in the trunk of a car and be cheaper to ship?
Or did they just say.. "Let's make an inferior paddle for sea kayakers who will not know the difference."?

Thanks to everyone who has invited us to join their 'My Face' cyber networks. We greatly appreciate the offers, but unfortunately we must respectfully decline. Not big into the whole social networking theme, SC&K much prefers the old school approach of just 'hanging out'. You are all more than welcome to stop by anytime for a cuppa and a chat about boats, paddles, music and disaster relief.

Drain love them or you hate them. I must confess my indifference, but was quite taken by a new invention now on the market I saw in Drain Plug monthly. How about a plug with the screw thread sticking up, that is the same size as your everyday disposable water bottle cap? Wow!FNORSM. I can't find the story to publish the link. Let me know if you have it.

The local Chatham County bald eagle population is slowly on the increase, we think.
We now have two nests on Little Tybee, one at Skidaway, and one at Bonaventure.

And finally...the circus is in town. No, this time it really is. I thought The Circus died out in the last century after the raised consciousness about the welfare of wild animals performing tricks. Remember the black bear with the metal ring through it's nose dancing in the high street.? And the three ton elephant in the ring standing on it's front legs !!
Life will be no less enjoyable without animals in the circus arena. Will you just say 'no' to the frickin' Circus, and let's move on.

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