Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From A Paddler in Iraq

"Hello Kayaking Sensai's,

I had my grandmother send me Eastern Horizons DVD in the mail for Christmas. I knew that Tybee was in it, but what I didn't know was my favorite southern transplants were. It was so great to get to see some of the scenery in the film and think, "I've paddled right there." Then y'all showed up and made my day.
I can tell you this. After being here for 2+ months I have come to miss paddling greatly. During my time of seclusion from the rest of the world at Ft. Benning (where I did my basic training) the thing that was constantly in my mind and heart was the hills and woods of Kentucky. Here in Iraq, the thing that possesses my thoughts its kayaking.
My time on the water on the GA coast has become precious to me. It was there that I discovered something I can be truly passionate about in my life. Paddling. I just want to thank you both for taking me under your wing. Thank you for your willingness to show me the ways of the paddling lifestyle. I can honestly say that you guys, and the way of living you introduced me to, has and will continue to change my life.

Your Grasshopper,

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