Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surf Jam 2010 -Details Leaked.

This years October Surf & Jam will once again be hosted by SC&K ,with chief sponsorship from Saltwood Paddles. The event will also be a fund raiser for a local charity.

" As well as offering a wooden shafted paddle or two for prizes we hope to give away a kayak" said a spokesperson not permitted to talk in public. Attendance is expected to exceed 23 entrants with many more watching.

SC&K will be following up the Surf Jam with a Sea Kayak Surf Jam later in the winter.

"The Sea Kayak Surf Jam will be a two day event with classes and instruction by local coaches on day 1, followed by competition /jam style event on day 2". Judging will be by 'vox populi' with score cards given out to spectators on the beach.

"The only person we will be flying over from Britain will be the DJ." said the unofficial spokesperson.

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