Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiderace- 2010 On the Ground.

The latest versions of the Tiderace line arrived here yesterday.
The 2010 models continue the evolution of Tiderace boats with the 'Infusion' process now employed for construction. Resin Infusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fibre laminate in a one sided mould. A rigid or flexible film membrane is placed over the top and sealed around the mould periphery. Resin infusion is considered a “Closed Mould Process”.
The benefits of resin infusion when compared to non-vacuum bag curing of composite laminates include;

- Better fibre to resin ratio
- Stronger laminate
- Low void content
- Reduces operator exposure to harmful emissions
- Reduced resin usage due to pre-compacted fabric

In basic terms, for the user, it translates to stronger and lighter boats.

From Aled... "The Xcite is the product of many years of development in pursuit of building the ultimate ‘advanced boat’. We define an Advanced Boat as one which does not intrude into paddling performance: a boat which turns when you want to turn, accelerates when you want to go faster, remains stable and composed on the water when things get a little scary and surfs a wave just as you imagined."

Tiderace Boats are available to demo anytime. We will also be hosting a Tiderace Demo & Owners meet on Tybee in late March /early April. Details to be announced soon. .

Photos of current inventory will be posted here later.

Editers note.
In an earlier post we mentioned the 2010 Tiderace models were a 'pre-preg' construction. This is not the case. We were mistaken and sorry for any confusion or emotional stress this may have caused.

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