Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wilson & Perry Join Tiderace Kayak Team

We are pleased to announce this latest addition to the U.S Tiderace Team. Cherry Perry and Turner Wilson are widely know and recognised as among the top aficionados of the Greenland style paddling technique.
I lent my Tiderace Xplore S to the couple during their visit here to the Tybee Symp last October (And a thanks to Martha for loaning her Xcite S).Turner was quite taken with both the fit and handling of the kayak and commented "Its the best boat I ever paddle that I did not make myself".
Known for their kayak building workshops and traditional skills clinics around the globe, Cheri and Turner will shortly be taking delivery of the Tiderace Xplore S and the Xcite S.
Tiderace Kayaks are designed by Aled Williams and were originally to be called Inuit Kayaks. The boats are made in Finland to a very high degree using the 'infusion' construction technique.
To catch a class and workshops with the sustainable qaannat kattuffiats check their schedule.
The pair have just finished remodeling an old barn in Maine and look set for a great year ahead. We are sure they will rock and roll these boats to their fullist. Welcome to the team and all the best.

If you want to demo a Tiderace Kayak call us and we'll arrange a free paddle session.

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